Stepping Up to HR’s Role as a Business Partner

HR may not have a formal seat at the executive table, but its influence is being increasingly felt and expected there. HR is becoming a business partner to management and lines of business, all of whom share the mutual goal of turning people costs into assets that will strengthen the organization for current and future needs.

The new white paper from HCI, “The Decade of HR,” compellingly argues that to make the transition to being a true business partner, HR must become a trusted advisor, speak the language of the business, understand organizational issues, and follow through on commitments.

This white paper identifies the critical skills that will get HR to that level and help it become a successful strategic business partner:

  • Understanding the business
  • Leveraging talent
  • Becoming a consultant and implementing change

“The Decade of HR” explains why HR needs to “get over its inferiority complex, stop apologizing, and seize the opportunity” to play a strategic role as a valued business partner at the local line-of-business level.

Click the following link to read the White Paper:   The Decade of HR


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