About Insight

Here at Insight, companies and individuals will find information about best practices in the career and talent management industry.  Additionally, you’ll find knowledge to develop your professional skills, enhance your job search and manage career success.

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Career Momentum Inc.’s mission is to help its clients be successful. We provide talent management services, helping organizations assess, engage, develop and transition their employees. Leadership development, succession planning, executive coaching, executive onboarding, performance management, change management, team building and succession development are a few of the services we offer to our clients. When the unfortunate decision to restructure staff must be made, we are there with our full-service employee transition services. We take pride in helping individuals identify the best fit job goals, create an effective resume and job search and develop on-boarding campaigns. We provide assessment and e-learning tools to help employees create Personal Development Plans, and we coach individuals and executives in solving interpersonal and leadership development issues at work. We are a Career Partners International firm. So, even though we are a locally-owned company, we have more than 200 offices worldwide that partner with us to deliver consistent services locally and internationally. Our focus is on personalized services tailored to the needs of our clients.

Visit our website at: http://www.careermomentum.com/


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