Career Partners International Expands Global Coverage in Spain


Career Partners International, one of the world’s largest providers of talent management solutions, is pleased to announce its expansion in Spain.

Madison, WI May 10, 2013 – As businesses around the world desire to increase productivity, reduce costs and enhance profitability, the demand for global talent management solutions continues to rise.  Career Partners International, one of the largest providers of talent management solutions, has expanded its global reach in Spain to meet the needs of its clients around the world.

Providing outplacement and other talent management services in Spain, Advantage Consultores joins the 68 existing partner firms in over 40 countries that make up the equity ownership of Career Partners International.  This expansion assures that Career Partners Internationals’ clients receive local experts in their locations.

“We are pleased to welcome Advantage Consultores as our partner in Spain,” commented Cory Erickson, President and COO of Career Momentum, Inc.  “We are delighted to have them as part of our team, further expanding our global reach.”

Advantage Consultores S.L. celebrates 10 years in business on May 30, 2013. Career Partners International celebrated its 25th year in business in 2012.

About Advantage Career Momentum, Inc.

Established in 1989, Career Momentum Inc. provides talent management services helping organizations assess, engage, develop and transition their employees. Leadership development, succession planning, executive coaching, performance management, change management, team building and succession development are a few of the services we offer to our clients. We take pride in helping individuals identify the best fit job goals, create effective resumes and develop job search and on-boarding campaigns. We provide assessment and e-learning tools to help employees create Personal Development Plans, and we coach individuals and executives in solving interpersonal and leadership development issues at work. We are a Career Partners International firm with more than 200 offices that partner with us to deliver consistent services locally and worldwide. Our focus is on personalized services tailored to the needs of our clients. For information, visit us at


About Advantage Consultores S.L.

Advantage Consultores is a senior HR Consultancy, founded by Sylvia Taudien and Wolfgang Meggyes. Established in 2003 in Barcelona, Advantage Consultores recently opened Business Centers in Madrid and Frankfurt.  Its senior team of passionate and engaged consultants specializes in helping people and companies effectively manage their professional and business transitions with an individualized, warm, and efficient approach.  As a consulting firm specializing in multinational companies and candidates, Advantage Consultores provides a myriad of services and programs including: Executive Search, Newplacement, Mergers, Transitions, and Executive Coaching. Additional information can be found by visiting


About Career Partners International

Established in 1987, Career Partners International is one of the world’s largest and most successful global providers of talent management solutions.  Organizations of all sizes and industries turn to Career Partners International to successfully assess, engage, develop and transition talent using the expertise of over 1600 highly experienced professionals in the areas of assessment, executive coaching, leader development and outplacement. With more than 200 offices in over 40 countries around the world, Career Partners International assures that its clients have local experts with global reach in talent development, career management, executive coaching, outplacement and career transition services. Additional information can be found by visiting

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Career Momentum, Inc. Contact:  Cory Erickson, Ph (608) 274-2430 or

Corporate Contact:  Kim Mills, Career Partners International, Ph 919.419.8296


The Talent Management Imperative

Cory Erickson, SPHR
President, Career Momentum, Inc.

Many companies today are investing in their talent.  They realize their investments in current employees will pay benefits in the long run. Increased retention, loyalty and commitment all lead to higher levels of employee engagement.

Over the next 10-15 years, people will retire in numbers never seen before in the U.S.  Even if demand for employees stays the same, the job supply will inevitably decline.  As employers are becoming more sensitive to the cost of employee turnover (costs of having the position open, recruitment, and training a replacement, to name a few), they are finding it much less costly to retain employees versus replacing them, especially as we transition to a knowledge-based economy.

In addition to the pressures of increased employee turnover cost, recent employee surveys show companies are facing a lack of employee engagement.

  • Lost productivity of actively disengaged employees costs the US economy $370B/yr. (Gallup)
  • 70% of engaged employees understand how to meet customer needs; only 17% of non-engaged employees understand how to meet customer needs (Right Management)
  • 78% of engaged employees recommend their company’s products/services; only 13% of disengaged employees recommend their company’s products/services (Gallup)
  • 86% of engaged employees very often feel happy at work; only 11% of disengaged employees very often feel happy at work (Gallup)

As a result, companies are focusing on talent management to improve employee engagement and development.  Competency modeling, assessments, on-boarding, career management, retention strategies, succession planning, executive coaching, leadership development and coaching are becoming the major strategies and tools used to increase engagement and retention among employees.

In today’s employment market and beyond, winning the war for talent will not only focus on strong recruiting, but also on comprehensive talent management.  Progressive companies are investing in their current employees through talent management strategies focused on increasing employee engagement and development.  As the focus of employees shifts more toward what companies will do for them and on personal growth opportunities, and as employers determine where to invest, talent management and employee development and engagement are more imperative than ever before.